Business Philosophy

During my tenure in government, I enjoyed working with folks from all walks of life. I dealt with huge corporations and their high powered law firms and I dealt with the individual owners of the smallest personal small businesses. When I opened my office, I learned a great lesson from two brothers that ran a family owned manufacturing company in Siler City. People need different levels of representation depending on their unique circumstances. The brothers, while involved in many business and real estate situations, didn't need someone to constantly hold their hand, and didn't want to pay for that. Then there are the situations where your attorney must become involved with every detail of a matter, and where there is literally no choice but to incur higher legal fees than you would like in order to protect your interests.

Consequently, I set up a low overhead practice with an emphasis on modern technology whenever possible to keep responsiveness high and costs low. I also choose to interact directly with my clients as much as possible. Does this mean I answer cell phone calls in court? No! I don't text or answer calls while meeting with clients either. Effective legal advice needs more analysis and pondering than can be delivered in a quick cell phone call. Instead, other than emergencies, I return calls promptly when I am completely available to you, not when distracted by other matters. Most calls are returned within two hours. Time sensitive matters take priority. By utilizing technology and as needed assistance, I can take on the most challenging legal matters with the detail needed. By keeping overhead low, I can provide good value in all types of representations, large or small.